Ask Congress to Revise HCR 75 to Correctly Recognize the Current Assyrian Genocide and Help Our Nation Survive

Congress is meeting in a few days to pass HCR 75 and the language is not sufficient to help our people survive in our homeland.

House Concurrent Resolution 75 is set to be reviewed this Wednesday, March 2nd in committee. However, as it stands, the language does not properly convey the full extent of suffering endured by Christian Assyrians and other minorities in their homeland. We need to ask our government officials to revise the language appropriately to ensure the survival of our people. 

In response to the widespread calls to action underpinned by the awareness of free Assyrians, and the mass mobilization stirring among our Assyrian American organizations and grassroots activists, we at AANC want to encourage you to mobilize on Monday (Feb. 29) and Tuesday (Mar. 1) by calling your local representative, calling the Foreign Affairs Committee, and sending a letter to the lawmakers supporting or considering HCR 75 (example letter is listed below).  Use the following two steps and links to do your part and make a difference: 
1-Visit and to learn what needs to be revised in HCR 75

2-Call your local representative using a sample script at


Trent Franks


8th District


Matt Salmon


5th District



Alan Lowenthal


47th District


Ami Bera


7th District


Anna Eshoo


18th District


Brad Sherman


30th District


Darrell Issa


49th District


Ed Royce


39th District


Jeff Denham


19th District


Karen Bass


33rd District


Paul Cook


8th District



Bob Dold


10th District


Dan Lipinski


3rd District


Robin Kelly


2nd District


Jan Schakowsky


9th District



William Keating


9th District



David Trott


11th District


3-Call the Foreign Affairs Committee at 202-225-5021 and share your concerns.

4-Spread the word on social media. 

Thank you! 



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